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Using WordPress Plug-ins

Plug-ins are like apps on your phone that you can download to automate functions and add features to your site. WordPress has thousands of plug-ins that you can install to do everything from displaying song lyrics on your website to creating an online store.

In order to familiarize yourself with downloading and using plug-ins, we'll walk you through how to install the plug-in called “Embed Any Document,” which automatically displays documents such as PDFs on a site page. This plug-in comes in handy when you want to upload your CV or resume to your site so it can be visible to faculty, colleagues, or potential employers. We hope that with this example, you will feel confident to choose additional plug-ins for your website.

In order to install the "Embed Any Document" plug-in

1. Go to your login URL: “”

2. Enter your WordPress username and password.

3. Click “Log in,” Note: If you are already logged in, you will be taken to the dashboard directly, without asking for a username and password.

4. On the WordPress dashboard, under the “Plug-ins” tab, click “Add New.”

5. In the search field in the top right, search for “Embed Any Document.”

6. On the “Embed Any Document” plug-in icon, click “Install Now.”

7. Click “Activate” to start using the plug-in.

8. On the Plug-in page, you will see that “Embed Any Document” now has a place in the list. If you want to configure any advanced settings for the plug-in, you have the option to click “Settings” to set up document importing from Google Drive, Box and Dropbox.

9. To test the plug-in, go to the “Posts” tab in the menu on the left and click “Add new.”

10. On the post editor, you will now see a separate button that says “Add document”. Click on this button.

11. You will be asked where you want to add the document from. If you want to add a document from your Media Library, just click the left option; “Upload Document.” There are other options for documents that are not stored on your computer, such as including a URL or setting up a sync with Google Drive.

12. Your Media Library will pop up with available documents to select. If the document you want is not in the Media Library yet, click on the “Upload files” tab to upload a document from your computer. Select a document and click “Insert”.

13. Add a title and any other text you would like to accompany your document, then click “Insert” on the bottom right.

14. You will then be able to see the embedded document in your post.