Transferring a Domain

Transferring a domain means that you are changing hosts. Billing for hosting the domain will follow to where you transfer. Transferring usually takes a couple weeks from start to finish.

Watch the video tutorial or continue reading for written step-by-step instructions:

Transfer To BYU Domains

NOTE: There is a 60 day waiting period between the initial domain name registration and the initiating of a transfer request.

1. Log into your current registrar (where you purchased the domain name)

2. You will need to do 3 things:

a. Make sure your admin contact information on their site has the correct email address listed for you (many registrars will email you the EPP code)

b. Unlock your domain name*

c. Get the EPP or Authorization Code*

3. Contact the Operations and Support Center at (801) 422-4000 or email with the following

a. The domain name you would like to transfer

b. The EPP code you received

c. That you have unlocked your domain name

d. That you have passed the 60DAYLOCK period

There may be some browser compatibility issues, so you may need to try various browsers. Seems like Chrome’s support of java plug-ins is poor.

*Steps to Unlock your domain name and to get the EPP code can vary from registrar to registrar. Links to support articles can be found below for some popular registrars. If your registrar is not listed, search their support website or contact them directly.





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Supported Top Level Domains

BYU can only transfer .com, .net, .org, .info domains into BYU domains.

Already have content on your other domain that you want transferred see Migrate Content Between Sites for more information to transfer it.

Transfer from BYU Domains

1. Log into your BYU Domains account

2. You will need to do 2 things:

1. Unlock your domain name

a. At the top of your page click “Manage Your Account” then select Migration Information

b. Click the “Locked” button

2. Get the EPP or Authorization Code

a.Once you click the unlock there will be another button that says Get Code click this and copy the code down (you will need this for the new registrar to take ownership of your domain name)

3. You will then contact your new registrar and provide them with the EPP code