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Pointing a BYU Domain

Pointing a domain does not change the host of your domain/website. It does, however, allow you to change where you manage the site. The billing for hosting the domain remains the same because you are not necessarily changing hosts. Pointing a domain can happen immediately or it could take a couple of days depending on who you want to point it to.

For example, a student may want to host through BYU Domains (free) while using Wix to edit the site (if the student has a Premium Plan with Wix) instead of using WordPress. In that example, we would have to make sure that 1) BYU Domains hosts the domain, and 2) we point the domain to Wix.

—Note: Transferring a domain is different from pointing a domain. If you are unsure whether you want to transfer or point your domain, see Transferring a Domain.

Point a Domain Hosted by Another Hosting Provider to BYU Domains

If you signed up using the “From an existing domain” option and need to point that domain to BYU Domains:

1. Log in to your account at your domain registrar (hosting vendor), and replace any existing name servers with these domain name server (DNS) addresses:


2. Then you can use the domain tools in to manage the domain.

—Note: These steps do NOT help you transfer your domain. Your domain will still be registered where it is now and you’ll still be responsible for billing for it, etc. These steps simply let you use an existing domain with the BYU Domains service.

The domain may be locked and may need to be unlocked by you to be able to updated these name servers.

Point a BYU Domains Hosted Site Somewhere Else

If you would like to point your site that was hosted by BYU Domains to a different place, simply email with the new nameservers. There should be at least two (e.g., and

If you are trying to point to Squarespace, see this article.

NOTE: SquareSpace is free only on a trial basis. In order to make the site public, users are required to pay a monthly/annual fee

If you are trying to point to Adobe Portfolio, see this article

NOTE: You can edit the A records of your domain or subdomain in the Zone Editor on Cpanel.