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Reclaim Hosting

App Vendors

141 Apps Go to the BYU Domains cPanel

  • Select your installed application.
  • Select a Support option or What’s New, Live Demo, or Showcase.


  • Select “View More” under featured applications.
  • Find and select the application you are interested in.
  • Select a Support option or What’s New, Live Demo, or Showcase.

cPanel (Paper Lantern)

  • Go to BYU Domains cPanel.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Documentation” in the bottom right corner.

Other hosting companies

inMotion Documentation

Site5 Documentation

BlueHost Documentation

How can I get help?

  • Call: The Service Desk at 422-4000
  • Email: domains.support@byu.edu

WordPress Documentation

Emory has a good amount of WordPress documentation: Click Here

Emory media basics is a good resource (How to create/manage video, audio, images): Media Basics

Faculty Resources Documentation

  • Emory faculty resources are good as well and has several ideas for assignments, assessment, design
  • University of Mary Washington creates custom tutorials for each course:
  • You can see how it is used during each semester:

Documentation on other installable apps