Migrating to BYU Domains

If you have an existing website, it is possible to import it into BYU Domains. If you currently use a content management system (CMS) such as WordPress or DokuWiki, the process should be relatively simple. If you do not use a CMS, you can import your website by importing your website's database into BYU Domains. This includes options to import files from Adobe Dreamweaver and Microsoft Visual Studio. If your website host does not have a database export function or use a CMS, then your website cannot be imported into BYU Domains. The following website builders do not support website exportation:

  • Wix.com
  • jimdo.com
Importing Instructions

In order to figure out what type of import you will need to do to move your website into BYU Domains, you first need to establish what kind of system the website is running. For example, if your website is built completely from HTML and CSS code files, your import process will just be copying your website's database and uploading the database into your new site. If your website is built with any hosting provider that uses the cPanel, the cPanel includes a backup application where you can download a full backup of your current site and then upload that file to the BYU Domains cPanel. Additionally, within certain CMS programs, there are built-in ways to download the entire code file of the website, which you can then restore to a new version of the same CMS program. The following chart has instructions for each type of process:

Current Site

Note: moving your website is NOT the same as moving the domain of the site. For instructions on domain name management, please see Domain Name Management.

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