Migrate Content between Sites

Transferring a website from one domain to another can be done through two different routes:

  1. Installing an application (WordPress, Drupal, etc.) to a domain or subdomain by importing an existing installation or
  2. Moving files and database information using a file manager (or FTP or SSH) and mySQL.

You may also want to clone an application from a subdomain (such as temp.mysite.com) to the domain (mysite.com) or another subdomain. This allows you to copy all the content on that application. To do this, use the “Clone” feature in Installatron.

In your BYU Domain's cPanel, click on the application that you want to install. If you are trying to transfer a WordPress site, click on WordPress.

Click on the three bars next to the “Install this application” and then “import existing install.”

Decide whether to install the application from your account or from another account, even if the account is not with BYU (it could be installed on a BlueHost server, for example).

If you choose to install the application from another account, here is an explanation of the information you will be asked for:

  • URL: The website address where the installation will be pulled from. It requires that you use either http: or https: at the beginning, but www. is optional.
  • URL IP Address: This is optional unless the URL above doesn't actually go to the website.
  • Server: Enter the domain name here, e.g., development.oldsite.com
  • Username: Enter the FTP or SSH username here. If it is from another BYU Domains account, that information was emailed to whoever owns the account when they first signed up for BYU Domains. You can change your FTP password by going to https://domains.byu.edu/ftp .
  • Password: Same as previous step.
  • Path: This is the location of the installation on the server. It should be somewhere along the format of “home/accountname/public_html/blog.” This cannot be left blank.
  • Domain: This is where the application will be installed.

If you installed the application on your domain manually by setting up your files and databases (as in Method 2), your application is not managed by Installatron. Selecting “From this account” will allow you to import that application into Installatron (so you can manage it, change the WordPress admin password, access it from cPanel, etc.).

  • Select the domain or subdomain where the application is installed and Installatron will read the install information and import it into your account

Method Two

Move the files and database information using a file manager (or FTP or SSH) and mySQL. See FTP Accounts and SSH Access