Leaving the University

Graduating from BYU and wondering what will happen to your domain? The good news is that you can take your domain with you when you graduate and leave the university. However, you will need to choose what company you want to host your domain. We have put together this guide to describe the different options that you have in regards to your domain.


Watch the video tutorial or continue reading below for the options of what you can do with your BYU domain after you graduate.

Option 1: Keep the same hosting company

BYU uses a hosting company called “Reclaim Hosting” to host the domains created through the BYU Domains program. You have already been using Reclaim Hosting, and, if you want, you can continue to use them to host your domain for a fee of $30 per year (~$2 a month). This option is nice because you don't have to migrate your site at all, worry about different logins, etc.

Option 2: Choose a different hosting company and migrate your site into their program

You have used Reclaim Hosting for awhile now, and you want to shop around for a different hosting company. If you want to embark upon this path, there are a few things to keep in mind . The first is that most hosting companies charge for hosting on a tiered basis. This means that, depending on the features and data storage space you want, the pricing will change. Below are some options for basic shared server hosting (there are tons of hosting companies, we only listed some of the most popular ones). Please note that in some cases you can find cheaper prices than the ones listed below, but these prices are normally introductory prices for six months to one year, and then the prices go up.

Hosting Company Price per Month Website Space Other Features Included
Bluehost $5.99 ($3.49 intro price) 100 GB email accounts, subdomains
Weebly $8 unlimited $100 Google advertising credit
SquareSpace$8unlimited20-page limit, but includes galleries and multiple contributors
GoDaddy$6.99 ($1 intro price) 100 GB up to 100 email addresses
Hostgator$5.56 ($3.48 intro price)unlimitedShared SSL certificate, unlimited email addressess
Wix$4.08500MBthis is the cheapest plan; the next plan up is $9.25 a month but has 2 GB

If you have questions about the differences between hosting companies, watch this video. It is a really good introduction to web hosting and what you should look for.

Lastly, if you want to explore more hosting companies, the following URLs contain more information and reviews about different companies.






Choose the hosting company that will fulfill the vision you have for your site. We hope that you will keep your site alive and continue to develop the online experiences you have had with BYU Domains.

Option 3: Delete your domain

We are sad to see you go! However, if you decide to delete your website, you can contact BYU Domains support through email at domains.support@byu.edu to submit a request to have your account deleted. Once deleted, however, your website will not be accessible on the internet and you will no longer have access to cPanel. If you wish to start your website up again at a later date, you can download a backup copy of your website using the Backups documentation.