Getting Started

“This is my first time creating a website”—no problem!

The following pages will walk you through the basic steps of creating a domain and building a website. These pages are meant to get you off the ground fast, a “quick start” if you will; it shouldn't take you more than half an hour to get a basic website up and running. However, we do want to stress here that these tutorials and pages are meant for newcomers to the world of websites. If you have worked with web developing and coding before, feel free to branch out from these tutorials and create what you envision.

Do You Need a Shared domain?

Do you need a shared domain? Users that request or need this are usually trying to set up a BYU Domains account that needs to allow administrative access to the cPanel for multiple people (not just FTP accounts). Typical users that would benefit from this setup might be student employee web developers for a department, members of an official BYU club, professors, or teacher's assistants. If this better suits your needs see setting up a Setting up a Shared Domain

Transferring Your Domain

Already have a domain? You can transfer it to BYU see Transferring a Domain.

Creating Your Domain

New to BYU domains and don't have a domain yet? See Creating Your Domain

You Have a Domain, Now What?

Now that you have hosted or created a BYU domain you may be asking yourself now what? What is the next step I need to take to make a functional website? See You have a Domain, Now What