As faculty, you have an amazing opportunity to expose your students and colleagues to the digital world through BYU Domains. Not only does BYU Domains give you the unique opportunity to customize a website that fits into your needs, but it also gives you a new medium in which to connect to students.

Here are the most common uses of BYU Domains (Domain of One's Own) by faculty;

  • Research sites: Research lab data and research information to share your deep knowledge and collaborate and connect with others in the same area of scholarship.
  • Class sites: Connect with you students and share with them examples of assignments, provide them with access to your teaching tools, form project teams, and help them collaborate with other students and connect to additional information in the same area of scholarship.
  • Personal portfolios
  • Blogs: There are blogs all across the internet of just about any topic you can think of. Some of the blogs by students and faculty here at BYU are very popular.

With BYU Domains, you can create classroom online community hubs that connect student accounts. We are excited to help you learn more about BYU Domains. As you explore the following help guides, we hope that you will find solutions to your problems and new information that you can incorporate into your websites.