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Domain Verification Email

These are steps you can take to try to resend or receive your domain verification email:

  1. Check your e-mail spam folder.
  2. The system should notify you if it detects that the domain has not been verified. Log in to BYU Domains and click the “Resend” button on the BYU Domains dashboard.
  3. Sometimes BYU Domains has difficulty with certain email accounts, such as Hotmail, that have different filtering rules. Try resending the email to a gmail account.
  4. You can also whitelist BYU Domains by following the instructions in this tutorial:
  5. If none of these steps work, contact the BYU OIT service desk to have the email resent through the system administrator.

Resending the New Account Information Email

  1. Contact the BYU OIT service desk to have the new account information email sent to you.

BYU OIT Service Desk

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