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Database Management FAQ

Can we install other databases besides MySQL (PostgreSQL, NoSQL, MongoDB, etc.)?

No, only MySQL is supported. Users wanting to install Mongo and Node and stop Apache are required to have their own server. Because BYU domains is built on a LAMP platform on a shared server, downloading these toolswould take down teh LAMP environment everyone else is using. This is why users do not have root access to the system.

Remember that this service is not intended to be a server for learning system administration, installing packages, or other more complex skills. Rather, the main goal of BYU Domains is to teach the technical skills necessary to build a site and create an identity and access skills that anyone, including non- coders, can learn.

How many databases can I set up?

As many as you need as long as they do not consume too much storage.

How much storage space is available?

How much storage space is available? While we don’t have a defined upper storage limit, we encourage all users with a large amount of data to store it outside of BYU Domains (local server, Amazon Web Services, etc.) to avoid impacting other users on the system.

We also encourage all users to optimize their site's storage space, and not to use it to manually back up personal files. Those should also be stored outside of BYU Domains. We recommend regularly using the BYU Domains backup utilities, which will cover most needs. Please see Managing Large Data for more information.

For users who want to mount a large amount of data or files, we recommend using something like AWS Educate. BYU is an institutional member. Users who are signed up for the Free Tier program plus faculty receive get $200 per year and students $100 per year of Amazon credit. This credit can cover S3, micro instances, and more.

I'm having trouble importing a database into my domain using phpMyAdmin

If you're having difficulty importing a database, it is likely that the database exceeds the limit configured on the server. You might see the following error message: “You probably tried to upload a file that is too large. Please refer to documentation for a workaround for this limit.”

Here are the phpMyAdmin settings

  • file_uploads=on (Whether or not to allow HTTP file uploads.)
  • memory_limit=150MB
  • post_max_size=150MB
  • upload_max_filesize=150MB
  • max_input_time=60 sec
  • max_execution_time=500 sec
  • max_input_vars=1000
  • max_process time

The php.ini can only be edited by Reclaim Hosting.

If you're familiar with SSH. One alternative is to import via command line (which has no timeouts or limits) using the information in this guide: