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Create a Google Presence

In order for your website to come up in a Google search, you need to let Google know that your site exists. The more Google knows about your site, the better chance you have at attracting an audience. To let Google know about your site, we'll be walking through three main steps:

  1. Sign up for Google Analytics,
  2. Put a Tracking Code on Your Website
  3. Submit Your Site to Google through Google Webmaster Tools.

What is Google Analytics? Google Analytics is a program that tracks statistics about the people who come to your website. These statistics include everything from how many users visit your site each day, to how long they stay on a page. This is knowledge that you can really use to your advantage, and most importantly, it supplies you with a tracking code, that tells Google, “Look! I made a new website.” Also, when you submit your website to Google through their Webmaster Tools platform, they will start using that website as a search result. Combined, these three steps will help your website to climb the ranks in Googles search results.

1. Sign Up For Google Analytics: First, open a new tab and navigate to

It will give you the option to sign into your Google account if you're not signed in already.

You will see a page with a “Sign up” button at the top right. Click that button.

Google will then ask a few basic questions about the site that you want to track. Make sure to fill out your account name, website name, and website URL, in the required fields.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Get Tracking ID.”

This will bring up a window with Google's Terms of Service. Once you have read the terms and checked the boxes, click “I Accept” at the bottom.

2. Put a Tracking Code on Your Website: Once you've agreed with the Terms of Service, you will then be taken the Tracking ID.

Copy the entire code inside the box.

Now, go back to your WordPress dashboard and under “Appearance,” click “Editor.”

On the right will be a list of files. Click on the one that says “Header” (or; Header.php).

Scroll down in the code until you see “</head>”. You can use Ctrl+F (for Windows users) or Command+F (for Mac users) to easily locate “</head>”.

When you find the line of code containing“</head>”, go up to the line above it and hit Enter a couple of times to make some extra space.

Then, paste the big piece of code we copied from Google into the space. Make sure it's pasted above “</head>” - it won't work if you paste it below. No need to change the code in any way just paste it in.

If you do not have “</head>” in your code, you can paste the code above “</header>.”

Next, click the button at the bottom of the page that says “Update File.”

Once you've entered and updated the code, you'll need to wait 5-10 minutes for Google to recognize and accept the tracking code on your website before you can continue.

After some time has passed, open a new tab and navigate to

On the Search Console homepage, click the “Start now” button.

Under “Domain,” copy and paste your web URL into the box and click “Continue.”

Submit Your Site to Google through Google Webmaster Tools: Next, you need to submit your site to Google. Click this link: and then go to “Add your URL.”

Copy and paste your website URL into the box, and then check the box that ensures that you are not a robot. After, click “Submit Request.”

You should get a notification that your information will be processed shortly. In about 24 hours your website should show up in Google Searches.

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