Campus Resources

At BYU, we are fortunate to be able to offer you several groups on campus that can assist you for different website needs. Below we have included some major BYU groups that can help you if you have questions. Please let us know if you know of other people or groups on campus that offer similar services.

BYU Library Training Courses

Group Website: Services offered: The Library Training Courses at BYU go over several different programs and applications that you can use to build your domain. Courses are taught throughout the year at varying times. You can view the course calendar and also sign up for alerts when a new class is added. Courses are free to BYU students and some courses even record their class sessions for viewing online.

BYU Multimedia Lab

Group Website: Services offered: The BYU Multimedia Lab, located in the library, offers free classes on the programs that are available for use on the library computers. One on one instruction is also available for these programs. Classes are taught by library student employees throughout the week and include equipment usage information. Some of these courses overlap with the IT Training Courses, but both websites are worth looking into.

BYU Library

Group Website: Services offered: The BYU Library has several library instruction options, including the ability to reserve a computer classroom where you can go over the BYU Domains project with other students in a collaborative environment. The Research and Writing Center is also a place you can go when you are writing content for your blog or site.

Writing Center

Group Website: Services offered: The Writing Center is a unique program that offers students the ability to make one-on-one appointments to review writing material with tutors in personalized sessions. The Writing Center will help any writer at any step in the writing process. For students who struggle with coming up with content ideas for their websites, this is a helpful way to get feedback.

Writing Fellows

Group Website: Services offered: The Writing Fellows program is a special program where trained student tutors work with a specific section of your class and help students on two different writing assignments. They teach writing skills and can do in-class presentations on how to be better writers. Ask your professor if they can opt into the Writing Fellows program for your class.