Point Domain to Adobe Portfolio (

In the Domains section of cPanel under Zone Editor, edit the primary A Record for your domain and have it point to the IP Address that Adobe has provided (e.g., DNS changes can take a couple days to update, so you may need to wait a few days before it works.

Publishing Files Using Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver is a popular web design application built by Adobe. Unlike content management systems like WordPress where much of the design and configuration happens directly on your website, with Dreamweaver you will be editing your files locally and then pushing them to your server space on Reclaim Hosting. This guide will walk you through the initial process of making the connection to your space on Reclaim.

Adobe Dreamweaver

Note: You will need to get your cPanel username and password for this guide. If you are unsure what it is, look for the “New Account Information” email you were sent when you first signed up for your BYU Domains account (This is the FTP Username/FTP Password). You can change your FTP password by going to

After building your site in Dreamweaver you'll create a connection to your server space on Reclaim Hosting by clicking Site > Manage Sites.

If this is your first time setting up a connection, this area will likely be empty. Let's create a New Site.

In the first page of options, you'll give your site a name, which can be anything that you like and will remember, and make sure the local path to the files on your computer is correct. Then click Servers on the left.

Here we need to add a server connection to Reclaim Hosting, so click the + icon to add a new server.

You will be connecting by SFTP (Secure File Transport Protocol) to your space on BYU Domains. You should have your cPanel username and password handy for this step. Enter your domain information including username, password, hostname, and path (public_html) as seen in the screenshot below:

Click Save to close out the site connection settings window and exit the Site Manager. At this point, the connection to the server should be all set and you can publish your files at any time by clicking Site > Put.