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Add Social Media through Plug-ins

Plug-ins are like apps on your phone, but for your computer, that you can download plug-ins to automate functions and add features to your site. WordPress has thousands of plug-ins that you can install to do everything from displaying song lyrics on your website to creating an online store.

In this tutorial, we are going to install a plug-in called “NextScripts,” which automatically creates a link on Facebook whenever you write and publish a new blog post. This encourages your Facebook friends to look at your blog, widening your audience and increasing your site's traffic. To install this plug-in, go to the WordPress dashboard, and under the “Plugins” tab, click “Add New.”

1. On the top right of the plug-ins page, there is a search box. Search for the plug-in “NextScripts.”

2. Click “Install Now” to install the plug-in.

3. Once the plug-in installs, click “Activate” to start using the plug-in.

4. On the Plug-ins page, scroll down to the NextScripts box and then click “Settings.”

5. This will take you to the Settings page for the plug-in. Click on the green button that says “Add new account.” This button will let you add a new social media account to NextScripts.

Follow the instructions to populate the settings for your social media accounts. If you have any questions,this website has step-by-step video on that goes through the steps above: