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What is BYU Domains?

We have provided these resources to help your domain hosting experience.

What is BYU Domains?

The BYU Domains program provides professors and students with the necessary tools to create a presence on the web.

The purpose of BYU Domains (Domain of One's Own*)

BYU Domains offers many benefits to students, staff, and faculty.

Learn Technical Skills

  • Learn the necessary skills and technicalities that come with having an online presence and the technologies that enable it
    • Including securing your content
  • We hope to create an online equity of technical skills throughout BYU to level the playing field. Participate as a peer developer among others with a domain.
  • Learn what it means to manage knowledge and content and learn to apply various aspects of information science

Maintain a habit of online digital citizenship & ethics

  • Learn to communicating more effectively. Represent people and comment about others in a prudent way and avoid invasions of personal privacy.
  • Apply the principles of BYU honor code by following copyright laws and representing yourself in an honorable way to others.

Other Learning Goals

  • Maintaining professional practices by learning to create and present content professionally to your audience and to a competitive job market
  • Learn to plan communication that serves audience needs and advances the website’s goals
  • Be a life-long learner by continuing to enhance you website, the content, and features within it.

If you're completely new to hosting a website, we recommend beginning your journey with the Getting Started page. The directory below will help you easily get to main questions or issue resolved as fast as possible.

If you're still having trouble or if you have further questions, please don't hesitate to consult our trusty friend, Google, or to contact us at

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